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historicalwoodcountymapThe Wood County Park District, located in Northwest Ohio just minutes from Toledo, was originally established to administer land along the Maumee River that had been donated by the Nyswander-Thurston family of Grand Rapids in 1934.  In accordance with Ohio law, a Board of Park Commissioners was formed, and a small millage was set aside from the county taxes to cover expenses.  A few years later, Otsego Park was purchased from the State following the bankruptcy of the former amusement park.  In 1951 William Henry Harrison Park was created when the Pemberville Civic Club sold their land along the Portage River to the Park District.

Over the years, each park was developed to enhance the natural, cultural and historical aspects in the respective areas.  At the time, however, the costs associated with the maintenance of those facilities outweighed the small millage set aside for Park District operations.  As a result, the Park District donated the Nyswander-Thurston Park property to the State of Ohio in 1969, creating Mary Jane Thurston State Park.  With the addition of maintenance responsibilities at the former Wood County Infirmary site, potential responsibilities for operation of the proposed Cedar Creeks Preserve, and the demand for new park areas, it became apparent that the Park District needed a levy to continue park operations.

The first park levy was passed in 1988.  With the passage by the voters, improvements were made to existing parks and opportunities for new facilities and expanded programs for the area residents were realized.

Since that time the Park District has grown from three parks with twenty-two acres to nineteen parks spread throughout the county and encompasses more than 1,100 acres of parklands.  This growth would not have been possible without the strong support of our community.


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"We rented Otsego Stone Hall for our vow renewal ceremony and it was beautiful, perfect in every way.  We just wanted to thank everyone for keeping such a beautiful place for rental.  Thank you all for everything you do to keep the parks beautiful!"